Nicole Johnson

Agent/Homes for Heroes Specialist

Nicole Johnson Douglas Wyoming

I am a Wyoming native that is so proud to be part of a caring and compassionate community in Douglas, Wyoming.  Before becoming a real estate agent, I was an Escrow/Title agent.  I enjoyed assisting customers on the closing side of real estate.   Having the opportunity to work behind the scenes with lenders, lawyers, buyers, sellers, underwriters, etc. has helped to mold my expertise in being well rounded with the full process of buying and selling real estate.  

I am a mother to 5 amazing kids.  Our passion is to explore.  Whether it be walking/hiking, fishing, boating, camping or creating forts on our mountain property, our life is never dull.  As many others have experienced, times can be hard.  There have been moments in life when our community has given support to myself and my family.  Becoming a Homes for Heroes Specialist has opened the opportunity to give back to the heroes whom have directly impacted our lives; Firefighters, Military, Healthcare Worker/EMS, Teachers and Staff.  When you hire me to serve you and your real estate needs, I give 30% of my commission to Homes for Heroes! After closing you will receive a check in the mail from Homes for Heroes that equals .7% of the sold price! There are zero attachments, just my way of saying, “Thank You”.  I wish to extend my gratitude to all heroes.  If you provide me with 2 letters of recommendations from two separate members of your community on why you are a hero, then you too will qualify to earn the Hero Reward. Thank you once again for being one of our local heroes!

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